EARLY ON – poetry of an earlier time by Dave Borland


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This country is literally in a maize, a fog, a corpulent wallowing blob of opulence. We are becoming government controlled country where so much is now required and expected from government, even though most don’t pay for the cost of providing all that the population is now requiring. We live, controlled by a media of the extreme; whether that is news or entertainment, we are force fed a diet of excess without responsibility for consequence.
Our Congress fattens itself; our President leads us into the Third World; our people just want more cars, booze, food, fun with no consequence or obligation to be concerned about the basic fundamental reason for why America was created. We are slowly losing our belief systems; only believing in self over the the welfare of others. A blanket of fog is descending over our land. A fog of selfishness ; of concern only for oneself. Is it too late to stem the tide of excess for a wave of responsibility to come ashore? Time will tell if we still have it in us as a country to pull off a Constitutional Convention that will restrict Congress and the President to follow what was humanity’s greatest experiment in human equality, our Constitution. Awake from our decades of excess America.

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It amazes me how the main stream media foam at the mouth about the use of guns in our society. The cases, usually involving men mentally bent out of shape, are front page or lead stories for a few days in all phases of our media of this day: newspapers, TV, and social media. Do not get me wrong, any person that cowardly uses the power of a weapon to kill people they don’t even know, should never even get justice, as far as I am concerned. I do not believe they should spend two or three years of pleading not guilty before being found guilty to spend the rest of their lives being supported by the State where they live. They should get the same justice they gave the people they killed or wounded; none. But what really troubles me in the society of this day, is that the same media powers in TV and then in the movie media industry have people and plots loaded with guns killing people left and right. This does not count the billions of dollars spent and made in the game industries where young men, mostly, are killing with guns. So many times young killers have spent hours each day killing in games in simulated situations  and only a demented quirk in their life, will send them into a killing rage in the real life that they bend into. Movies, TV and games; shoot- kill, shoot- kill. Millions are made by 1 per centers in Hollywood and New York who portray life with guns killing people, but they are the same ones who pander to their media partners in condemning people carrying guns in a legitimate manner and are interviewed calling for gun control. After reading the above, one might think I have no concern for gun control: I do. I don’t think military type weapons should ever be allowed to be sold; maybe only to certified collectors. To defend your family, home and yourself, you don’t need an AK 47. A hand gun, yes. Yet, TV and the movies make their tidy millions on men, usually, spraying gun fire all over their respective screens. Cut that shit out over time and ban those stupid killing games that kids play, and maybe we will see a decline of demented killers mesmerized by the media to kill. Hollywood and New York would see less condo’s going for 5 million dollars to people sucking off guns for their living. Probably never happen.

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In our world of over population of women with children and without fathers present, why do not the governments strictly enforce and punish men who simply impregnate women and move on to their next vagina. It is simply unbelievable that the world accepts without question the male tendency to screw a woman and then go on to their next conquest. They should be held accountable. They should be made to pay for the children created.  The women are not without fault. If they don’t care about being screwed by a man and having his baby, they should also be held accountable, at least, the second time around. Mandatory birth control would be one answer.  Somehow all the news stories only cover the poor woman who is trying to raise two, three, four, five, and maybe more, children of different fathers. They are in essence, prostitutes, who just give of their vagina and, se la vi’, so what, another child to live and probably die with no family structure.  This is an incredible problem, not only in the third world, but in the cities of America. Men just fuck and keep on fucking. Who cares about the children they create. Why doesn’t the media go after them; follow them around; expose these killers of children who use their penis as others use guns.

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I have a solution to two major problems facing both the world and the United States. However, it will take four people to decide that talking face to face and having an honest discussion, might save millions of lives. Are they four strong, persuasive, honest, and decent people in this world who could come together with their opponent and talk face to face to solve the problems between them and the people they represent.  Okay, who are they?  First, it would be the two leaders in the Muslim world of the Sunni and Shia’s who could meet in Mecca and talk honestly, strongly and convincingly to each other about how they could stop the death march of their peoples, not only to themselves but to other peoples in the world not of their religions. An agreement in Mecca would create the most lasting peace this world has ever seen. In our country, the aforementioned would be a blessing, but we have a problem that would require a President and the leader of the NRA to meet in the White House, alone.  They would talk about their differences and about how they could find similarities in how to stop the killing frenzy going on in our country.  It might just be a joint program to inform and instruct the Federal Government; State governments; local governments; and the populace in general. of how to put into place a total and complete cyber security plan to monitor guns of all Americans.  Somehow, if they could talk about similarities and objectives together, these two leaders, the country could come together to solve this war in our country.  Four people, talking face to face. Could it ever happen?

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This posting is short and to the point….. the bottom line. Who oversees the financial accounting of government agencies? Is it the General Accounting Office, who I believe works on behalf of the American people and Congress? My question is simple. Is there a line by line listing of all expenditures and then to whom exactly the monies go to and secondly, who monitors the spending of Congress, itself? The latter is actually written as a joke, no humor intended, however, because it is a national tragedy how our complete inefficiency completely hides actual costs and benefits. We could cut taxes and provide more services, if the trillions of dollars collected by the IRS were only monitored and accounted for. We wouldn’t need to raise taxes here and there for programs because the funds are there.
Let’s audit the Federal Government, that’s my call. There is more than enough revenue to fund all current programs ( which is another blog for another day ) and more so. Sadly, the above will never happen and we will be led continually by complete inefficiency, deceit and incompetency in our Federal government.

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Well I took some time off to re-discover what THIS is all about. You know what THIS is, I’m sure. It is what occurs between the moment the egg and sperm collide and whamo, at odds greater than Vegas, a human is created. From that cutting of the cord to the pulling of the cord, that being, us, is suspended in an animated state called, vida, life, whatever. What in the hell is it, anyway? From inches to feet, in all colors and shapes, with all depths of intellect, billions have come, existed, and died. Unique, are we? No doubt, to this planet. In the Universe, probably not, but I maintain that the universe is enclosed in each being that exist right now, has ever existed, or will exist. As unimaginably huge is the Universe, so is the world within each unit of life. We are each a Universe and part of the greater Universe. So when we each cease to exist physically on this earth, no matter how long it takes in the future for the cosmic forces to destroy our Sun and thus our earth, everything and everybody will be dust floating about seeking other components to start all over again or not. In other words, we all are going to be re-incorporated into the Universal trail, millions or billions of our years from now.
Bottom Line, then, folks, is to live each moment to its complete sensitivity. These moments are it, so treat all others fairly and seek out what is critical and important in this momentary human state.

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Every morning in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette or on the local TV channels a young man is killed by another young man, usually in their teens.  Always by gun and inadvertently another person is shot and sometimes killed who is only a bystander, sometimes that person is a child.  Around America young men kill young men, daily.  Drugs are a cause as are just stupid arguments, but these young men only know to kill by gun for an insult or a someone not paying for drugs, or maybe a girl is involved.  All these young men have records, usually again and are known to the police. When witnesses are sought, again usually, no one will give up information, probably for fear of their own lives. So what is this country going to do about it.

I suggest forming “CIRCLES OF LIFE” around the known killing communities with returning veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq who know how to do deal with terrorism and killers. These young veterans would take an area and close in on it, seeking those with warrants, guns, and drugs on their possessions. The “CIRCLES” would be tightened and held for a three month period, so counselors of mediation can help to stabilize these terror ridden communities. All those captured or detained would be sent to a holding area for repatriation whether that be jail, training programs or the military, as a possibility. The people who live in these communities would be able to reclaim them and gradually the military would give way to social workers who would attempt to guide these young men to some new life opportunity. We need to take our cities away from criminals, no matter how old they are and show these hoods that we have had enough and this is there chance to find a normal existence while giving the people in these communities a chance to live their lives in peace. “CIRCLES OF LIFE” can help restore America’s urban communities.


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Mind over matter

Where does it reside?

Where does it go?



Moth flitters out

Sparrow takes off after

Nature cycles on.



Ebb and flow

Life swells, subsides.

Water lives on.



Constant contact

Society taps away

Life confirmed?



Butterflies dart

Across the quiet field:

Monet impression.




The atmosphere is so depressing.

People mucking and grinding,

Which normally would speak well,

But their wallowing in the muck

Of social bullshit-meaninglessness.

Stuff of nothing, one could say.

When out there are those reveling

In beauty, meaning, sincerity.

Those are the ones for this guy.

The ones devoted too reality, to truth.

Pshaw, with ego’s and centeredness

Arrogantly revolving within yourself.

Give me simplicity, solitude of strength,

Always, in this one way train we’re on.


I’ll be a picture in a box

Under an old, discovered bible in a drawer in disarray.

Faded in gray and darkened white.

A smile today, as I think of that day to come,

When a curious grandchild explores my “things”.

Days after I have gone astray or whatever…………………………


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