In a Moment’s Time

Chance: the key word that describes much of what happens to Hugh Sloan in a week that changes his life forever. His doctor discovers a black spot at the base of his brain during an annual physical and diagnoses a brain tumor “in a very difficult location”. As he walks about his hometown of Pittsburgh thinking about how he may have to plan his life in months rather than years, he meets by chance, Peggy Burns, a woman who has a profound affect on him at this crucial time. Later he seeks solace in his favorite sanctuary, Heinz Chapel, where a minister, the Reverend Kenneth Strong, introduces himself and appears to take a keen interest in Hugh’s spiritual needs because of his medical crisis. The most dramatic chance occurrence is when Hugh discovers a letter disclosing a secret hidden for thirty years related to his brother’s death. The letter exposes the real reason behind Reverend Strong’s intense interest in him. As Hugh anxiously awaits a definitve biopsy, he struggles with confronting the Reverend with his discovery. Whatever he decides will impact both men forever.

Available through Friesen Press, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kindle Nook and Apple.

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