I am a native Pittsburgher who lives in Mt. Lebanon, PA where I went to high school. After graduation I spent a growing up year at Penn State and then went into the U.S. Army, serving in a MP Unit in Puerto Rico. I then graduated from West Virginia University with a B.A. in English.  My working career was divided between sales positions in the securities and insurance industries before I switched into health care administration with Dr. Thomas E. Starzl at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and later at the University of Miami, School of Medicine. Throughout my working years I wrote short stories, poetry and began writing novels. Since retiring I have published five literary novels, three books of poetry, three plays, two collections collection of short stories and am currently developing a new novel. Married to my editor in chief, my life is full and appreciative of all the blessings I have had in my life. I wish all had such blessings in this moment we have in this Universe.

                                Novels:  2050, published 2009, Elderberry Press

                                 IN A MOMENT’S TIME, published 2012, Friesen Press

     Poetry:               RIVULETS,  published 1999, Luther Press

                                 REFLECTIONS, published 2009, Elderberry Press

     Short Stories:    EARLY ON, published 2000, Luther Press

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  1. Jenn says:

    Hi Dave. I was moved in a way I can’t explain by your book “in a moments time”, which I thought was a true story? Now I am not sure given the book had no definitive ending and I can’t find any “true” information on line to finish the story. My Dad died of a glioblastoma. We live in Pittsburgh. Anyway that is neither here nor there- the book was wonderfully written- I enjoyed all of the Pittsburgh references, however I was praying the whole way through you would survive your brain tumor. I felt cheated by the end-please let me know if this was a true story and what the outcome was. My life is now defined by learning as much as I can to help others get through this horrible disease. Thank you.
    Jenn Mendelson

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