Well, that’s over. Now this country can go about the task of coming to some medium of cooperation amongst not only the political forces, but the people as well. We are divided nation. We have the young and old, becoming dependent on government and an old fashioned sector that believes that each person has some responsibility for their individual status. Between these mega differences this Country must, if it is to address the great majority of citizens, come to a¬†compromise between dependence and independence. The President must accept some of the beliefs of his opposition; the opposition must accept some of the beliefs of the President OR we will continue to stagnate towards mediocricy. Ideas: (1) increase slightly the taxes on the wealthy and or close all the loopholes in our tax system that favors the very wealthy¬†(2) put a freeze on all Federal Government spending for a year while an audit takes place for all Departments to justify their spending; (3) create a combination health care program of Medicare, Medicaid and this new Health Program, so that services, costs and redundancies can be evaluated and dispersed from one agency; (4) reduce military expenditures 5 % across the board; and (5) require all three branches of government to submit a balanced budget for consideration in Congress before any increase in the debt ceiling is imposed; and finally (6) require the three bodies of government to be audited by the CBO as to their spending and make them all part of our National Health System. Just six measures that might begin the process of calming the absolute negative atmosphere in this Country as to whether we can continue as a viable democracy or not. If mutual concessions are not given, then I fear we will become as dysfunctional as Europe in the next ten years. Do our leaders and more importantly, do our people have the courage to accept compromise. Can we all give a little in our beliefs so that this Country can survive and excel in this 21st Century.

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