This may be a bit gross, but visualize government as a large MaMa cow and all of the citizens as calves seeking foodstuffs. Suddenly MaMa decides to go through a hole in the pastoral fence and seek some solitude or peace in the pasture next door; but maybe just doesn’t have any sustenance left for us calves. Well the flock of calves swing their heads around, bleeting or whatever calves might do, wanting to know where their next meal is going to come from. Meanwhile after some heavy spring rains, the meadow they are lolly gagging in is sprouting a field of weedy greens. All they have to do is go and start munching, but, no they just stand around, waiting for Mama to come back and provide them sustenance. This goes on for a day and a night, with no Mama. Finally, Jethro, the big dude calf waddles over to a patch of the lively fresh greenware and begins to munch away. The pack looks at him, then look around again for MaMa. They wait and they wait and they can hear Jethro, flatulatting his pleasure over his fresh meal.  He looks over at the pack and smiles, before going back to the meal he has gone after himself. After a time, with their hunger growling away, the pack slowly ambles over to where Jethro is happily chewing on the fresh, green fare and they begin individually to munch away.  Within a few hours the Brady Bunch of calves are munching, looking around with great calve smiles on their brown and white faces as a crescendo of happy flattulation sends a chorus of booms over the once serene pasture. People, we are being MaMa fed with a unsustainable diet that will fail us all unless somehow we all realize that, yes, the grass may be greener on the other side and we, each of us, must try to do our best to get over there. Then we can live a new and individual life and help those that are unable to do the same without the MaMa State of government sustaining us. Oh yes, for sure, there are many of us calves who are sick and unable to get around very well or even look up and see the green grass on the other side.  Most will and they will help those that can’t and when a storm is threatening, will lead those unable to shelter.  Most of us, can get away from MaMa and find that patch of green across the way.   It’s called Freedom of self to do what you can for yourself and loved ones and for those unable to do so for themselves. That’s individual leadership or Jethro’s way and our American Way.

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