It has been a few months, but now that a few things have been corrected, my blog site is now available for all of you “learned want to be’s”.  Well here we are in the second quarter of 2012 and so much hasn’t changed.  Our country, our world is bungling along in the dark, afraid of the light. Media rules the earth and people follow the gods of propaganda not much different than the German people did during the 20’s; the blind leading the blind, except the ones leading are visonaries of deception and irresponsibility.  People are being led by their complacencies of dependency. I was watching a great movie about how we must love and be considerate for all peoples, with which I totally agree;  but this seems to me to be an idealistic, impractical solution to all the corruption and greed that abounds in this world.   The message was that one by one we must help our brethern; again I agree, but my question is this?  On a national or world wide level, who creates the revenues that allow governments to be able to disperse the basics of welfare to the multitudes?  Isn’t there some personal or private revenue that has to be generated from someone to provide for those unable to provide the basics for themselves and families?  Isn’t it absolutely necessary for some individual innovation and entrepreneurship be allowed to provide the governments the revenue to provide social services for those that really need it. My fear has always been that the key word is “provide” because that third party distribution system of governments is so flawed with excess, corruption and inefficiency without adequate auditing, that so much is lost getting its way to those that need same.  I don’t know what the answer is, I just don’t know. I do know that even the pure socialisms have to have some revenues generated from someone to pay for them to be abel to cover all the costs of providing for all the people in that type of system. What am I missing?  I want people to be supported when they cannot provide food, shelter, clothing, healh care and education for their families. But from who does a government get the funds to do this? Is it just generated?  I want to know. Let me know.

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