As we near the end of the calamitious 2011 and look over the horizon to 2012, the question for all of us, throughout the world, is where does this world go from where it is now, late December on my calendar.  Economies are stretched beyond reason; people are stretched beyond reality; and the leaders of us all are absolutely gutless about how to right the wallowing ship of state.  We, the capitalist sector, has created excessive excess while the socialist countries have created excessive dependence. In both cases, we have become gluttons, meanwhile the average bloke is becoming less independent of their ability to fend for themselves and is becoming more needful of the aforrementioned government. That government HAS NO MORE TO GIVE, so all parties are like the old wagon that’s wheels are spinning in the mud. We have to find that leader or hopefully more than one, to climb up into the wagon, ala John Wayne, and hit the oxen while putting lumber under the wheels to get the wagon out of the mud onto dry ground. A goofy metaphor, eh, but no, where is a John Wayne in this world who can say F^%K the governments and the leaders and say to the people we must all sacrifice for three years.  The following is for the US; all Federal pensions and salaries are frozen; all corporate salaries are taxed at 75% above a 10% cap above their 2011 salaries; all government agencies will operate at a zero percent increase for 2012; and all Federal agencies will be audited beginning with the 2012 budget year. There will be an infrastructre development program created in each state, paid for by a 10% sur charge on intrastate trafficing of either trains, buses, or planes so that roads, bridges and airports can be fixed over the next 5 years. In the US Congress, there will be term limits; disclosurre of and elimination of–lobbyists for three years. These must be brought up by those that recognize the historical point that we have come to in this country. Our President made the mistake of implementing his political agenda before concentrating on the historical economic dilema our country was in and he and we are now paying the price. He miscalculated greatly probably.  But now, someone, some group must grab the reins and crack the whip. Give us a hero and we will follow, we’ve had enough wimps for too, too many years in the U.S.

As for the rest of the world with revolution and revolt in the winds, the children are crying, they because they have been given to expect too much and the adults are crying because they were the ones giving too much.; both need to dry their tears and work for the betterment of each of their countries. Meanwhile we’ll look for some guy in tan pants, red shirt, a bandana around his neck; a pistol on his belt; and huge, floppy cowboy hat whipping us all into shape to face our shaky world together.

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