Over the past months, it has become very clear to me, that humanity is a momentary creation of a universal combination that evolved billions of years ago. Unique, for sure and the reality is that what we seek, as humans, is some future beyond our existence. Well, that future is definitely in the universe that created us in the first place. There are so many potential sites in the universe for creative beings to have been or are being developed. The more that we, humans, succeed in discovering the vastness of the universe, the more we will understand that we may be unique or that all the combinations of elements that formed us, have been combined elsewhere. The point is that humanity, through religion for example, has always tried to forecast an existence beyond our physical life on this planet when in fact that may or may not be possible. However, in someway, that power within us, we call mind, may be associated with something universal. The key word is may. We are a powerful and beautifully constructed specifmen, no question, so we cannot discount anything beyond this physical existence, but the key to all that I have written is that we must grab a hold of this existence we do know about and hold it tight, then drag it to its greatest extreme. Get the most of what we have and pray to whoever you wish that your thankful for this unique opportunity to exist in your mind, body and spirit of this moment. Who knows, it may be just the beginning!

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