In this day and age of division within our country between liberals and conservatives; young versus old; religious versus non-religisous; pot versus no pot; coast versus inland; and just about anything else that currently separates our country, I would like to find out what national emergency would rally our young people to give up to serve and protect our country. What if Russia invaded Alaska? What if China attacked Japan or totally incapcitated our internet system by a cyberattack? What if Iran bombed Israel? What if an army of dissidents funded by our enemies, say Russia and China, invaded our country through Mexico? All of these seem impossible, but what if? What if our President, Trump or whoever becomes our next President, say President Joe Biden, went to Congress and declared war on one of the above contries and our country needed one million volunteers to protect our country? Let’s say he or she immediately puts in a draft and calls up a million men or women to fill needed roles against our enemy. Would Canada be flooded with our young men and women?  If only men were called up, would young women request to take the place of young men? Would older men volunteer to fill the void? Would we just, as a country, accept what has happened and appeal to the United Nations for help and allow the above aggressions to occur without any reprisal? Is our country that separated and is our younger generation so disengaged from the historic role of this country, faults included,  in the progress of humanity, that we would just give up our two hundred and thirty plus years of providing sanctuary for the world and keeping our  guarantee’s of individual freedom alive?  Would we cave as a nation? Would the young support and fight to preserve what the old have saved several times in just a hundred years? I, as one of the older ones, would hope they would, but, sadly, I have my doubts. We may just allow others to suffer and our country to disintegrate from its values, in order to keep our IPads and bycyles. I hope what I have written is absolutely fantasy. What do you think?





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