On this day, October 3, 2018, I announce the formation of the newest, and soon to be, the most powerful and popular political party in the United States. As I am in the middle of my latest novel, “Summit in Eagle Nest”, which concerns four people, each with different political beliefs, who are meeting in tiny Eagle Nest, New Mexico, to form a middle ground for eighty percent of our American population. The Sangre de Cristo mountains rest peacefully to the West as they spill out their political fears, hatreds, loves, and hopes for first their beliefs, and secondly, most importantly, what can they all agree on to save their beloved country. What moderate middle ground can they all accept that will unite this country which each of them feels is disintegrating into self destruction. Utter hatred abounds, not only for the President, but for anyone who has different views than your own. How can this country be saved from going sooner than later into the trash bin of world history from an internal erruption of the people? In the book, as it progresses, they come up with a solution, a compromise for all their initial, divisive beliefs. The Purple Party, not the Red or the Blue, but a blending of both into the powerful color purple. Gather round folks because we are going to dismiss those that will not bend a bit; moderate their hatreds; skip over vindications for past commentary or actions; and literally blend into Americans of all colors, faiths, backgrounds, economic situations, past historical beliefs; West Coast or East Coast; big cities or tiny hamlets; farmlands or crowded city blocks; gay or straights; and most of all, just Americans. The power of the Purple Party will be felt in 2020 as candidates from every State will be nominated by the party convention to be held on July 4th, in Eagle Nest, New Mexico, to announce candidates for all national elections in every state, plus President and Vice-President of the United States. By that time, my book, “Summit in Eagle Nest” will have been released (this is no gimmick to sell books because no one ever buys my novels), but it will be the bible, the foundation for the organization of the Purple Party. So get ready folks, America is about to be back to be the beacon of democcracy in the whole world. Get on board, we need to revitalize democracy without the bullshit artists who now control our political system. Look for the webpage soon, so you can join. Peoole power is coming back; get ready for the Purple Party. We will overcome!

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