Equality has finally come to the millennia of male dominance in the human race. Due to the overbearing, crude, disgusting behavior of some men to women, who obviously have low esteem, such as Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, and Charlie Rose, plus various other celebrities who used their power and influence to demand and get sexual satisfaction from women who are obviously to this writer, not quite sure of themselves, let alone their virility. They are not sure or have a belief of themselves. They do not represent the normal, strong, quiet, giving male that I am familiar with. These are men who give of themselves in so many ways, mostly to protect the women in their lives from the predators mentioned earlier who pray on weakened or seeking women; these men, would never play on my football team; never have a beer with me in the local; never, ever play tennis with me; or sit down and talk about Karl Jung into the night. These are weak and sordid men who do not represent the men I know and associate with. These are weak people who play on the weakness of others for their own sexual depravity. As far as I am concerned they should be ostracized, humiliated because they do not represent true malesness. To play golf with them; to stand beside them at a political or social event is as bad as approving of their known, habitual behavior. Power is running amok in this world, probably as it always has, but to put the face of true maleness on the mugs of Clinton, Weinstein and Rose is wrong and unfortunately pay back for the centuries of male power. In the history of man it has always been that way, unfortunately. Women are the most unique creation designed and men are the simplest. Women can easily overwhelm a man by simple disdain of them. A man does not know how to react to a walk away or the shut down by a woman. Weak men react by their strength, not of character, but of their body. Strong men try to remedy a woman’s displeasure. Don’t get this man wrong, women can control men, easily, but when women need security to live, they will bow to the whims of dominant, oppressive men. Men and women, in a true and honest relationship need each other for the path through life to death. Along the way they perpetuate that relationship, most times if fortunate, through children. That is the ideal, the hope. The other stuff, that maleness is dominance and an orgasim generated by an unwilling woman is necessary to for a weak man to only prove their own weakness and sickness probably bred by a childhood of having no self-confidence. Our media now will as always overplay these men and their behaviors to represent maleness. Real men are kind, generous, quiet and loving. This new media frenzy of disgusting maleness is the opposite of true men. I do not want to be in the foxhole of life with Clinton, Weinstein or Rose. They do not represent how a true male honors a true female at any time.

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