We self-inflict ourselves constantly with moaning and groaning about how awful we are in terms of immigration, human rights and internationalism. Yet, why do people from all over the world want to come here and yes, why do millions continue to come here? Because, for all our blemishes, which the story first, truth second, media, seems to concerned only with what that say or write that we do wrong. We are like the good looking guy or girl, who are very attractive, yet are the ones working at night in drug or alcohol abuse facilities to help those in need. This is not a blog commentary about why it is good to be good looking and acceptable because all folks are good looking and acceptable to me no matter what they look like or live, but my point is that our country does accept all people of all races and all religions…we just don’t want that tiny group of young people floundering for their purpose in life who fall into the trap of older zealots who claim the Profit Muhammad desires them to kill innocents in their name.
We, the United States, have people from all over the world and we must, as a Nation, be proud of who we are and what we have stood for centuries. We make human mistakes but we also make human efforts to protect and comfort those from all backgrounds. History is just that; today and tomorrow we, as always will improve.

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