Here we are in the early years of the what we call the 21st. Century on an earth billions of years old, the remaining specimen of humanity from an original six and we think we are in the highest state of advancement for what we call a race. In reality we are no different than the other five specimens of humanity that fell by the wayside hundreds of thousands of years ago because we to will disappear in the progression of this universe on this unimportant particle we call Earth. We will be replaced in five hundred to a thousand years by a by-product of our evolution to a single colored, single specimen brain wave connected frantically trying to hold on to a bit of a flooded circular star dying from humanities degenenerative affect. Who is left in the thousand years from now will not even think back to what we think we have accomplished in these times, but will generate energetic connections to each other and to some outer species who have escaped this decaying and crumbled sphere to spheres decades away in the Universe. This is not negative but reality. We scoff today at those that lived thousands of years ago as will the few remaining specimens of what is man in a thousand years who will scoff at our being the last of the Neanderthal’s. So don’t look back; don’t look ahead, just know we are just a spec in the universe. Nothing in the news of this day really matters in the cosmos; each of us is our own universe, so maximize this unique sensual activity as long as each of us orbit.

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