This is one of those historic times in our nations history when division is threatening our very foundations of freedom and liberty for all. We are both the envy of the world and the punching bag of the world. We have more religions represented than any country in the world; we have the most representative of Earth’s peoples in the world; and we have saved Europe and Asia after defeating the fascist regimes in Germany, Japan and Italy. Historically we are unique and now we face a division caused by completely opposite views as to how we should proceed as a country. Should we be the provider of the world or our people? Should we do both? Should we only think of our people first? Should the government dole out livelihoods for most of our population? Should the government allow free enterprise provide the work that people can exist on their own? It is a fundamental dispute between people in control of their destinies or government as the control factor. People favoring the government, especially our current younger generation who have been coddled from the realities of life by both parents and educators are simply unable to grasp the reality that they are responsible for their lives not some bureaucrat. Young people are amazing as they grasp technology but not responsibility. Why should they when they are not expected to be responsible. As an optimist and as a historian, I realize, as in genetics, all these cellular changes will produce a new generation responsible for the 21st Century. But only in America, can all this short term turmoil be adjudicated by a majority of people, adults, young people, Democrats, Republicans and Independents, realizing that they must grab on to each other a bit and not dismiss each other as we see so much of now. But only in America, blog sites, fake news and all, we can wallow our way along into the upcoming years by giving up a little to get a lot……a vibrant, ever changing American blessed by freedom for all.

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