OUR TIMES – First Posted 5/4/2015 – Still Valid


I don’t post often because everything seems to repeat itself via the media. Day in and day out, the same stories with different characters. It is like watching the same play every day except the director inserts new actors and outcomes to make the audience, our general public, take nauseating notice. Killing, killing and more killing. Social media incitement of everything to produce and actually make Andy Warhol’s “15 minutes of fame” come true, day in and day out. We, our society, are self-absorbed. Many wonderful things are done by wonderful people for those suffering. Much money is raised for those in need, but that is overwhelmed by the selfie society that permeates. What happened to people and families, quietly living their lives without self-promotion? Shut it down, folks!!! We must concentrate on our universal life which is one small cell in the Universe itself. We all are made up of cosmic dust in such a unique formulation. that possibly was processed by a grand scheme to create what we call humans. Humanity is to be positive, not destructive of each other or to be only focused on our image to others but our understanding of ourselves, first. Love, appreciate, and respect oneself first (not take pictures) and all those we come in contact with each day; children, loved ones, or strangers, will sense these feelings from you. But, you don’t need to promote yourself, just respect yourself and that power will transmit to all those you come in contact with each day. Lets exchange selfie’s with pictures of all those you see each day of your life. Those are images you and they will never forget.

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