First Posted on August 30, 2007 – Still true to this day in 2017, 10 years later.

This posting is quick and to the point…the bottom line. Who oversee’s the financial accounting of the government agencies? I wrote to the GAO who works on behalf of the American people and Congress, as if they were one. My question to them is simply, who monitors the spending of government agencies, ie: is there a line by line listing of all expenditures and to whom exactly the monies go and secondly, who monitors the spending of the Government watchdog, Congress. The latter, of course, is a joke, but the aforementioned body, Congress, now in the hands of the Democrats, is concerned about programs not having enough money to spend. Well, the logical question, as per my or anyone else’s household, is how much do we have to spend each this week, how much do we need to save, and how much can we put aside to help us in our retirement. We don’t just spend it because it’s there, we don’t, anyway, and we also don’t spend more than we have, which many have to do. The “many” are, unfortunately, victims our media/spending culture. But our government is always clamoring for more to spend. They all sound like worthy causes: eliminate poverty; give health care to all those that don’t have it; and provide funds for every natural disaster that occurs. For all of these, we have more than enough now to cover every aspect of poverty; health care; and natural disasters, if only the Federal Government found all the revenues it takes in from the almost (50%-updated) that pay all the taxes in the first place.
Let’s audit the Federal Government. That’s my call. Let’s take four years, from 2008 to 2012, to completely audit every dime that the Federal Government has or will have, and lets find out how much revenue is available and how much is lost, misplaced, or actually not spent. There is enough now to pay for everything; let the next President have enough courage to make that his or her determination. (Update: the above awaits Pres. Donald Trump)

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