As I read the columns in the various dailies, the op-ed’s, and various blog sites, it is obvious that there is a disturbing and, I think, catastrophic decline looming for quote, “the freedom of the press” and the First Amendment that has been the bulwark of our society. There is much hatred in our society; so much violence acted out and written out; presented in our media; and by the killers of the world in most of our uncivilized world. This total venue of hatred and violence manifests itself in movies like the “The Departed”, seen as the best movie by so many, but is one of the worst movies I have ever seen, not withstanding the phenomenal portrait by Leonard di Caprio. It is pushed down our throats by the media elite, that small group of people who feel that they can espouse liberalism of government while being silent on the hatred and vilification of women or religion by that great social and wonderful world outside of the United States. Why do men in black symbolize all those men who walk into an auditorium and murder? Why is medication and pain killing now a part of ones healing process like an occasional aspirin was thirty years ago? Why do we accept a small part of a religion as no threat when that small percentage has killed thousands of innocents in the past thirty years? Why is positive religion blasted by those that know what is best for humanity; media liberals who trash the language and our society? This is the secular, vacant media oriented liberals who want to snuff out individual incentive to improve oneself and absolutely eliminate one’s need to take responsibility for anything. Responsibility mean to accept blame or credit for yourself or others where you have influence. In my observation the great majority of blog sites; media columnists; media presentors; and a growing number of people in general, ignore or hide from solutions being solved by one taking responsibility for their actions. It is not a governments responsibility, it is the individual. If you are overweight by a hundred pounds, unless you have a medical malfunction, you must lose weight to reduce your medical bills. If you have auto insurance; two cell phones; and monthly communications expenses with TV and phones, but no health insurance, where in the hell is your priority. Oh yeh, blame the government. But the drumbeat and hatred and disregard for responsibility is the slow pounding of the nail in the coffin of this, the greatest experiement in human history, the United States of America, founded and built on individuals excelling and taking responsibility.

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