TWO DUDES: One Young and Black: One Old and White

This is a preview of my newest book. It is a novella featuring Willie Robinson, a 21 year black boy/man and Henry Davies, a 85 year old white man. It is a story of initial conflict of a sort between them in a coffee shop, frequented by Henry every day as he ponders whats left of his life and Willie who just wanders in off the street with a winter storm blowing outside. They jostle a bit as Willie can’t figure this old white dude and Henry is initially taken aback by this young black dude. Over the time elapsed in this initial novella of Henry Davies life as he nears death, the two gradually break down their universal barriers of race, age and experience to develop a story that will encourage those who read this novella that if people interact sincerely and helpfully, there is no boundary to how far and how strong their relationship can develop. In the meantime, each of them learns a valuable life lesson that will carry forward in the respective lives. A story so much needed in these volatile years of distrust between people of different race, nationalities and lately, political persuasions. A helping hand can overcome so much distrust. Watch for Two Dudes soon on Amazon!

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