All the controversy about the Golden Globes was about the trashing given Donald Trump by the West and East Coast elite “stars” of the entertainment world when no media attention was made of the fact the movie that won all the awards was without nudity, sex, guns and foul language. My God, I assume none of those gathered realized that their mantra over the past thirty years had been eclipsed by a phenomenal plot, acting, dancing, and a joyful sentimentality, plus a reality ending, that was a joy to watch. This was a Trump style movie, full of old time joy and respect for the past in a modern, boy and girl romance that is a bit out of fashion these days. All people; gay, straight, in between or switch overs, should enjoy this story of struggling and succeeding, yet understanding that reality is just that; real. So Hollywood, New York, suck it up. Right in front of your eyes your jaded social mantra’s were destroyed by yourselves, both in your not understanding the impact “La La Land” the movie overwhelmed the La La Land you all live and prosper in. Hat’s off to Hollywood and middle finger up to Hollywood.

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