This country is literally in a maize, a fog, a corpulent wallowing blob of opulence. We are becoming government controlled country where so much is now required and expected from government, even though most don’t pay for the cost of providing all that the population is now requiring. We live, controlled by a media of the extreme; whether that is news or entertainment, we are force fed a diet of excess without responsibility for consequence.
Our Congress fattens itself; our President leads us into the Third World; our people just want more cars, booze, food, fun with no consequence or obligation to be concerned about the basic fundamental reason for why America was created. We are slowly losing our belief systems; only believing in self over the the welfare of others. A blanket of fog is descending over our land. A fog of selfishness ; of concern only for oneself. Is it too late to stem the tide of excess for a wave of responsibility to come ashore? Time will tell if we still have it in us as a country to pull off a Constitutional Convention that will restrict Congress and the President to follow what was humanity’s greatest experiment in human equality, our Constitution. Awake from our decades of excess America.

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