It amazes me how the main stream media foam at the mouth about the use of guns in our society. The cases, usually involving men mentally bent out of shape, are front page or lead stories for a few days in all phases of our media of this day: newspapers, TV, and social media. Do not get me wrong, any person that cowardly uses the power of a weapon to kill people they don’t even know, should never even get justice, as far as I am concerned. I do not believe they should spend two or three years of pleading not guilty before being found guilty to spend the rest of their lives being supported by the State where they live. They should get the same justice they gave the people they killed or wounded; none. But what really troubles me in the society of this day, is that the same media powers in TV and then in the movie media industry have people and plots loaded with guns killing people left and right. This does not count the billions of dollars spent and made in the game industries where young men, mostly, are killing with guns. So many times young killers have spent hours each day killing in games in simulated situations ¬†and only a demented quirk in their life, will send them into a killing rage in the real life that they bend into. Movies, TV and games; shoot- kill, shoot- kill. Millions are made by 1 per centers in Hollywood and New York who portray life with guns killing people, but they are the same ones who pander to their media partners in condemning people carrying guns in a legitimate manner and are interviewed calling for gun control. After reading the above, one might think I have no concern for gun control: I do. I don’t think military type weapons should ever be allowed to be sold; maybe only to certified collectors. To defend your family, home and yourself, you don’t need an AK 47. A hand gun, yes. Yet, TV and the movies make their tidy millions on men, usually, spraying gun fire all over their respective screens. Cut that shit out over time and ban those stupid killing games that kids play, and maybe we will see a decline of demented killers mesmerized by the media to kill. Hollywood and New York would see less condo’s going for 5 million dollars to people sucking off guns for their living. Probably never happen.

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