In our world of over population of women with children and without fathers present, why do not the governments strictly enforce and punish men who simply impregnate women and move on to their next vagina. It is simply unbelievable that the world accepts without question the male tendency to screw a woman and then go on to their next conquest. They should be held accountable. They should be made to pay for the children created.  The women are not without fault. If they don’t care about being screwed by a man and having his baby, they should also be held accountable, at least, the second time around. Mandatory birth control would be one answer.  Somehow all the news stories only cover the poor woman who is trying to raise two, three, four, five, and maybe more, children of different fathers. They are in essence, prostitutes, who just give of their vagina and, se la vi’, so what, another child to live and probably die with no family structure.  This is an incredible problem, not only in the third world, but in the cities of America. Men just fuck and keep on fucking. Who cares about the children they create. Why doesn’t the media go after them; follow them around; expose these killers of children who use their penis as others use guns.

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