I have a solution to two major problems facing both the world and the United States. However, it will take four people to decide that talking face to face and having an honest discussion, might save millions of lives. Are they four strong, persuasive, honest, and decent people in this world who could come together with their opponent and talk face to face to solve the problems between them and the people they represent.  Okay, who are they?  First, it would be the two leaders in the Muslim world of the Sunni and Shia’s who could meet in Mecca and talk honestly, strongly and convincingly to each other about how they could stop the death march of their peoples, not only to themselves but to other peoples in the world not of their religions. An agreement in Mecca would create the most lasting peace this world has ever seen. In our country, the aforementioned would be a blessing, but we have a problem that would require a President and the leader of the NRA to meet in the White House, alone.  They would talk about their differences and about how they could find similarities in how to stop the killing frenzy going on in our country.  It might just be a joint program to inform and instruct the Federal Government; State governments; local governments; and the populace in general. of how to put into place a total and complete cyber security plan to monitor guns of all Americans.  Somehow, if they could talk about similarities and objectives together, these two leaders, the country could come together to solve this war in our country.  Four people, talking face to face. Could it ever happen?

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