This posting is short and to the point….. the bottom line. Who oversees the financial accounting of government agencies? Is it the General Accounting Office, who I believe works on behalf of the American people and Congress? My question is simple. Is there a line by line listing of all expenditures and then to whom exactly the monies go to and secondly, who monitors the spending of Congress, itself? The latter is actually written as a joke, no humor intended, however, because it is a national tragedy how our complete inefficiency completely hides actual costs and benefits. We could cut taxes and provide more services, if the trillions of dollars collected by the IRS were only monitored and accounted for. We wouldn’t need to raise taxes here and there for programs because the funds are there.
Let’s audit the Federal Government, that’s my call. There is more than enough revenue to fund all current programs ( which is another blog for another day ) and more so. Sadly, the above will never happen and we will be led continually by complete inefficiency, deceit and incompetency in our Federal government.

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