Well I took some time off to re-discover what THIS is all about. You know what THIS is, I’m sure. It is what occurs between the moment the egg and sperm collide and whamo, at odds greater than Vegas, a human is created. From that cutting of the cord to the pulling of the cord, that being, us, is suspended in an animated state called, vida, life, whatever. What in the hell is it, anyway? From inches to feet, in all colors and shapes, with all depths of intellect, billions have come, existed, and died. Unique, are we? No doubt, to this planet. In the Universe, probably not, but I maintain that the universe is enclosed in each being that exist right now, has ever existed, or will exist. As unimaginably huge is the Universe, so is the world within each unit of life. We are each a Universe and part of the greater Universe. So when we each cease to exist physically on this earth, no matter how long it takes in the future for the cosmic forces to destroy our Sun and thus our earth, everything and everybody will be dust floating about seeking other components to start all over again or not. In other words, we all are going to be re-incorporated into the Universal trail, millions or billions of our years from now.
Bottom Line, then, folks, is to live each moment to its complete sensitivity. These moments are it, so treat all others fairly and seek out what is critical and important in this momentary human state.

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