Every morning in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette or on the local TV channels a young man is killed by another young man, usually in their teens.  Always by gun and inadvertently another person is shot and sometimes killed who is only a bystander, sometimes that person is a child.  Around America young men kill young men, daily.  Drugs are a cause as are just stupid arguments, but these young men only know to kill by gun for an insult or a someone not paying for drugs, or maybe a girl is involved.  All these young men have records, usually again and are known to the police. When witnesses are sought, again usually, no one will give up information, probably for fear of their own lives. So what is this country going to do about it.

I suggest forming “CIRCLES OF LIFE” around the known killing communities with returning veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq who know how to do deal with terrorism and killers. These young veterans would take an area and close in on it, seeking those with warrants, guns, and drugs on their possessions. The “CIRCLES” would be tightened and held for a three month period, so counselors of mediation can help to stabilize these terror ridden communities. All those captured or detained would be sent to a holding area for repatriation whether that be jail, training programs or the military, as a possibility. The people who live in these communities would be able to reclaim them and gradually the military would give way to social workers who would attempt to guide these young men to some new life opportunity. We need to take our cities away from criminals, no matter how old they are and show these hoods that we have had enough and this is there chance to find a normal existence while giving the people in these communities a chance to live their lives in peace. “CIRCLES OF LIFE” can help restore America’s urban communities.


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