For all the years I have worked on completing my latest novel, “In A Moment’s Time”, I am so please to announce that it is published and available to the reading public. It is available on or via Amazon/Kindle and will soon be available in all venues.  The book concerns that intrinsic force, that mysterious power that can evolve between people from some source which humans call “forgiveness”. That element of release that, as per my book, benefits not only the receiver of forgiveness but as strongly, the giver. A contemporary story based in my hometown of  Pittsburgh which takes place in a weeks time to the protagonist whose has found out he has a brain tumor at an annual check-up. Now what does he do with his life which has become almost perfect for the first time. He finds out his priorities and meets some interesting and mysterious people as he weaves around Pittsburgh between medical tests and evaluation of his life or potential death. A huge event he encounters is also imposed on him in this difficult time, yet it is this experience which becomes the catalyst for his ability to face whatever his future is to be. In this day and age of social and political disarray, this novel elevates humanity to a one on one state, thus proving that we can rise above external forces if we only accept one another on a personal level. It’s a great read, I say, modestly, and has the book as does Amazon and soon Barnes & Noble plus all book venues. Forgive me, if I boast, because in forgiving I extend good will to you all.

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