Over the past months, it has become very clear to me, that humanity is a momentary creation of a universal combination that evolved billions of years ago. Unique, for sure and the reality is that what we seek, as humans, is some future beyond our existence. Well, that future is definitely in the universe that created us in the first place. There are so many potential sites in the universe for creative beings to have been or are being developed. The more that we, humans, succeed in discovering the vastness of the universe, the more we will understand that we may be unique or that all the combinations of elements that formed us, have been combined elsewhere. The point is that humanity, through religion for example, has always tried to forecast an existence beyond our physical life on this planet when in fact that may or may not be possible. However, in someway, that power within us, we call mind, may be associated with something universal. The key word is may. We are a powerful and beautifully constructed specifmen, no question, so we cannot discount anything beyond this physical existence, but the key to all that I have written is that we must grab a hold of this existence we do know about and hold it tight, then drag it to its greatest extreme. Get the most of what we have and pray to whoever you wish that your thankful for this unique opportunity to exist in your mind, body and spirit of this moment. Who knows, it may be just the beginning!

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In this day and age of division within our country between liberals and conservatives; young versus old; religious versus non-religisous; pot versus no pot; coast versus inland; and just about anything else that currently separates our country, I would like to find out what national emergency would rally our young people to give up to serve and protect our country. What if Russia invaded Alaska? What if China attacked Japan or totally incapcitated our internet system by a cyberattack? What if Iran bombed Israel? What if an army of dissidents funded by our enemies, say Russia and China, invaded our country through Mexico? All of these seem impossible, but what if? What if our President, Trump or whoever becomes our next President, say President Joe Biden, went to Congress and declared war on one of the above contries and our country needed one million volunteers to protect our country? Let’s say he or she immediately puts in a draft and calls up a million men or women to fill needed roles against our enemy. Would Canada be flooded with our young men and women?  If only men were called up, would young women request to take the place of young men? Would older men volunteer to fill the void? Would we just, as a country, accept what has happened and appeal to the United Nations for help and allow the above aggressions to occur without any reprisal? Is our country that separated and is our younger generation so disengaged from the historic role of this country, faults included,  in the progress of humanity, that we would just give up our two hundred and thirty plus years of providing sanctuary for the world and keeping our  guarantee’s of individual freedom alive?  Would we cave as a nation? Would the young support and fight to preserve what the old have saved several times in just a hundred years? I, as one of the older ones, would hope they would, but, sadly, I have my doubts. We may just allow others to suffer and our country to disintegrate from its values, in order to keep our IPads and bycyles. I hope what I have written is absolutely fantasy. What do you think?





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On this day, October 3, 2018, I announce the formation of the newest, and soon to be, the most powerful and popular political party in the United States. As I am in the middle of my latest novel, “Summit in Eagle Nest”, which concerns four people, each with different political beliefs, who are meeting in tiny Eagle Nest, New Mexico, to form a middle ground for eighty percent of our American population. The Sangre de Cristo mountains rest peacefully to the West as they spill out their political fears, hatreds, loves, and hopes for first their beliefs, and secondly, most importantly, what can they all agree on to save their beloved country. What moderate middle ground can they all accept that will unite this country which each of them feels is disintegrating into self destruction. Utter hatred abounds, not only for the President, but for anyone who has different views than your own. How can this country be saved from going sooner than later into the trash bin of world history from an internal erruption of the people? In the book, as it progresses, they come up with a solution, a compromise for all their initial, divisive beliefs. The Purple Party, not the Red or the Blue, but a blending of both into the powerful color purple. Gather round folks because we are going to dismiss those that will not bend a bit; moderate their hatreds; skip over vindications for past commentary or actions; and literally blend into Americans of all colors, faiths, backgrounds, economic situations, past historical beliefs; West Coast or East Coast; big cities or tiny hamlets; farmlands or crowded city blocks; gay or straights; and most of all, just Americans. The power of the Purple Party will be felt in 2020 as candidates from every State will be nominated by the party convention to be held on July 4th, in Eagle Nest, New Mexico, to announce candidates for all national elections in every state, plus President and Vice-President of the United States. By that time, my book, “Summit in Eagle Nest” will have been released (this is no gimmick to sell books because no one ever buys my novels), but it will be the bible, the foundation for the organization of the Purple Party. So get ready folks, America is about to be back to be the beacon of democcracy in the whole world. Get on board, we need to revitalize democracy without the bullshit artists who now control our political system. Look for the webpage soon, so you can join. Peoole power is coming back; get ready for the Purple Party. We will overcome!

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Equality has finally come to the millennia of male dominance in the human race. Due to the overbearing, crude, disgusting behavior of some men to women, who obviously have low esteem, such as Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, and Charlie Rose, plus various other celebrities who used their power and influence to demand and get sexual satisfaction from women who are obviously to this writer, not quite sure of themselves, let alone their virility. They are not sure or have a belief of themselves. They do not represent the normal, strong, quiet, giving male that I am familiar with. These are men who give of themselves in so many ways, mostly to protect the women in their lives from the predators mentioned earlier who pray on weakened or seeking women; these men, would never play on my football team; never have a beer with me in the local; never, ever play tennis with me; or sit down and talk about Karl Jung into the night. These are weak and sordid men who do not represent the men I know and associate with. These are weak people who play on the weakness of others for their own sexual depravity. As far as I am concerned they should be ostracized, humiliated because they do not represent true malesness. To play golf with them; to stand beside them at a political or social event is as bad as approving of their known, habitual behavior. Power is running amok in this world, probably as it always has, but to put the face of true maleness on the mugs of Clinton, Weinstein and Rose is wrong and unfortunately pay back for the centuries of male power. In the history of man it has always been that way, unfortunately. Women are the most unique creation designed and men are the simplest. Women can easily overwhelm a man by simple disdain of them. A man does not know how to react to a walk away or the shut down by a woman. Weak men react by their strength, not of character, but of their body. Strong men try to remedy a woman’s displeasure. Don’t get this man wrong, women can control men, easily, but when women need security to live, they will bow to the whims of dominant, oppressive men. Men and women, in a true and honest relationship need each other for the path through life to death. Along the way they perpetuate that relationship, most times if fortunate, through children. That is the ideal, the hope. The other stuff, that maleness is dominance and an orgasim generated by an unwilling woman is necessary to for a weak man to only prove their own weakness and sickness probably bred by a childhood of having no self-confidence. Our media now will as always overplay these men and their behaviors to represent maleness. Real men are kind, generous, quiet and loving. This new media frenzy of disgusting maleness is the opposite of true men. I do not want to be in the foxhole of life with Clinton, Weinstein or Rose. They do not represent how a true male honors a true female at any time.

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We self-inflict ourselves constantly with moaning and groaning about how awful we are in terms of immigration, human rights and internationalism. Yet, why do people from all over the world want to come here and yes, why do millions continue to come here? Because, for all our blemishes, which the story first, truth second, media, seems to concerned only with what that say or write that we do wrong. We are like the good looking guy or girl, who are very attractive, yet are the ones working at night in drug or alcohol abuse facilities to help those in need. This is not a blog commentary about why it is good to be good looking and acceptable because all folks are good looking and acceptable to me no matter what they look like or live, but my point is that our country does accept all people of all races and all religions…we just don’t want that tiny group of young people floundering for their purpose in life who fall into the trap of older zealots who claim the Profit Muhammad desires them to kill innocents in their name.
We, the United States, have people from all over the world and we must, as a Nation, be proud of who we are and what we have stood for centuries. We make human mistakes but we also make human efforts to protect and comfort those from all backgrounds. History is just that; today and tomorrow we, as always will improve.

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Here we are in the early years of the what we call the 21st. Century on an earth billions of years old, the remaining specimen of humanity from an original six and we think we are in the highest state of advancement for what we call a race. In reality we are no different than the other five specimens of humanity that fell by the wayside hundreds of thousands of years ago because we to will disappear in the progression of this universe on this unimportant particle we call Earth. We will be replaced in five hundred to a thousand years by a by-product of our evolution to a single colored, single specimen brain wave connected frantically trying to hold on to a bit of a flooded circular star dying from humanities degenenerative affect. Who is left in the thousand years from now will not even think back to what we think we have accomplished in these times, but will generate energetic connections to each other and to some outer species who have escaped this decaying and crumbled sphere to spheres decades away in the Universe. This is not negative but reality. We scoff today at those that lived thousands of years ago as will the few remaining specimens of what is man in a thousand years who will scoff at our being the last of the Neanderthal’s. So don’t look back; don’t look ahead, just know we are just a spec in the universe. Nothing in the news of this day really matters in the cosmos; each of us is our own universe, so maximize this unique sensual activity as long as each of us orbit.

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QUANTUM OBLIVION – Poetry of this day


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This is one of those historic times in our nations history when division is threatening our very foundations of freedom and liberty for all. We are both the envy of the world and the punching bag of the world. We have more religions represented than any country in the world; we have the most representative of Earth’s peoples in the world; and we have saved Europe and Asia after defeating the fascist regimes in Germany, Japan and Italy. Historically we are unique and now we face a division caused by completely opposite views as to how we should proceed as a country. Should we be the provider of the world or our people? Should we do both? Should we only think of our people first? Should the government dole out livelihoods for most of our population? Should the government allow free enterprise provide the work that people can exist on their own? It is a fundamental dispute between people in control of their destinies or government as the control factor. People favoring the government, especially our current younger generation who have been coddled from the realities of life by both parents and educators are simply unable to grasp the reality that they are responsible for their lives not some bureaucrat. Young people are amazing as they grasp technology but not responsibility. Why should they when they are not expected to be responsible. As an optimist and as a historian, I realize, as in genetics, all these cellular changes will produce a new generation responsible for the 21st Century. But only in America, can all this short term turmoil be adjudicated by a majority of people, adults, young people, Democrats, Republicans and Independents, realizing that they must grab on to each other a bit and not dismiss each other as we see so much of now. But only in America, blog sites, fake news and all, we can wallow our way along into the upcoming years by giving up a little to get a lot……a vibrant, ever changing American blessed by freedom for all.

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OUR TIMES – First Posted 5/4/2015 – Still Valid


I don’t post often because everything seems to repeat itself via the media. Day in and day out, the same stories with different characters. It is like watching the same play every day except the director inserts new actors and outcomes to make the audience, our general public, take nauseating notice. Killing, killing and more killing. Social media incitement of everything to produce and actually make Andy Warhol’s “15 minutes of fame” come true, day in and day out. We, our society, are self-absorbed. Many wonderful things are done by wonderful people for those suffering. Much money is raised for those in need, but that is overwhelmed by the selfie society that permeates. What happened to people and families, quietly living their lives without self-promotion? Shut it down, folks!!! We must concentrate on our universal life which is one small cell in the Universe itself. We all are made up of cosmic dust in such a unique formulation. that possibly was processed by a grand scheme to create what we call humans. Humanity is to be positive, not destructive of each other or to be only focused on our image to others but our understanding of ourselves, first. Love, appreciate, and respect oneself first (not take pictures) and all those we come in contact with each day; children, loved ones, or strangers, will sense these feelings from you. But, you don’t need to promote yourself, just respect yourself and that power will transmit to all those you come in contact with each day. Lets exchange selfie’s with pictures of all those you see each day of your life. Those are images you and they will never forget.

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As I read the columns in the various dailies, the op-ed’s, and various blog sites, it is obvious that there is a disturbing and, I think, catastrophic decline looming for quote, “the freedom of the press” and the First Amendment that has been the bulwark of our society. There is much hatred in our society; so much violence acted out and written out; presented in our media; and by the killers of the world in most of our uncivilized world. This total venue of hatred and violence manifests itself in movies like the “The Departed”, seen as the best movie by so many, but is one of the worst movies I have ever seen, not withstanding the phenomenal portrait by Leonard di Caprio. It is pushed down our throats by the media elite, that small group of people who feel that they can espouse liberalism of government while being silent on the hatred and vilification of women or religion by that great social and wonderful world outside of the United States. Why do men in black symbolize all those men who walk into an auditorium and murder? Why is medication and pain killing now a part of ones healing process like an occasional aspirin was thirty years ago? Why do we accept a small part of a religion as no threat when that small percentage has killed thousands of innocents in the past thirty years? Why is positive religion blasted by those that know what is best for humanity; media liberals who trash the language and our society? This is the secular, vacant media oriented liberals who want to snuff out individual incentive to improve oneself and absolutely eliminate one’s need to take responsibility for anything. Responsibility mean to accept blame or credit for yourself or others where you have influence. In my observation the great majority of blog sites; media columnists; media presentors; and a growing number of people in general, ignore or hide from solutions being solved by one taking responsibility for their actions. It is not a governments responsibility, it is the individual. If you are overweight by a hundred pounds, unless you have a medical malfunction, you must lose weight to reduce your medical bills. If you have auto insurance; two cell phones; and monthly communications expenses with TV and phones, but no health insurance, where in the hell is your priority. Oh yeh, blame the government. But the drumbeat and hatred and disregard for responsibility is the slow pounding of the nail in the coffin of this, the greatest experiement in human history, the United States of America, founded and built on individuals excelling and taking responsibility.

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